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CG Villa Single Storey Fitness Structure

CG Villa

[Completed 2021]

Located in a farm land property in the South of Metro Manila, CG Villa is an add-on Villa Structure to an existing Residential Development. It was designed as complementing Social Space for fitness and gathering activities, for family and close friends. The Project was designed during Pre-COVID, but fitted well to the new essential of outdoor space ideals.

It features a courtyard perimeter that defines the structure center as it is surrounded by a grove of Mango Trees. The Structure is composed on Steel Framing at the edges of the footprint as to maximize the clear span of the interior spaces. Eaves length was a priority so as to minimize heat gain and maximize the glazing enclosure for the indoor gym on the ground floor. The Gym features a floor to ceiling Glazing System by Rabel. This allows the space to have an intimate linkage to the exterior natural features of the site, creating an indoor and outdoor experience that can be flexible depending on the type of use of the space, and the conditions of the weather.

Behind the 1F Gym are the supplementing facilities of an Indoor Hot and Cold Dipping Pool, Steam Shower and a Sauna. The Rear Edge of the structure locates a Steel Stair Access to the Roofdeck which provides an additional covered Outdoor Gym Space. This is a secondary fitness space that for an overlook view on the Mango Tree Grove and meant to be used for free-flow air and ventilation.



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