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PK House Three Storey Residential with Roofdeck

PK House

[Completed 2023]

Located in Calatagan, Batangas, Philippines, PK House was designed as a weekend tranquility home. The site is located about 3 hours via road from Metro Manila and features a hilltop topography. The property is bounded by vantage views of Balayan Bay to the East and South views, with a mountain range to the West. Having a lot area of 3 hectares, PK stands in the center of the lot as a pivot for future developments, and to benefit its peak vantage of surrounding views.

Designed as a three level Structure with a roofdeck, it was built in steel framing to streamline the construction process. Having the seaside orientation, involved intensive sandblasting and protective seals of the all steel members to prevent corrosion. These levels were cascaded and layered to create a tapering upward profile, simulating a silouhette of a pyramid, as an iconic presence on the site. These cantilevers functions as a climatic response in protecting the interior spaces from extreme tropical heat and harsh weather conditions. The overall composition of components of PK House were orchestrated to achieve a porous open spaces with the full address of climate of site.

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