Ar. Pearl Robles - Alfonso [8X001]

Ar. Adrian Lorenzo Alfonso [8X002]




Ar. Alexis Yburan [8X009]

Ar. Kerby Barcenas [8X010]


Project Designers:

Trish Sampol [8X012]

Bianca Roque [8X013]


Nina Margaux Alfonso [8X014]


8X8 as a company name is rooted from the ideology of multiplying infinities in determining new ways of composing spaces. Infinities are fundamental elements to the Studio’s design process as key ingredients embedded to each project. Through critical studies of spatial opportunities of site and space requirements, the Studio rigorously explores strategies in growing an Architectural Vocabulary that tackles lightness of form, stance of object and grain of space. It is with such Design Methodology that the Studio aims to discover unique dimensions in defining New Architecture in the Philippines.

8X8 is a small group that caters only to a handful of select projects, with the intent of offering substantial design control in conceptualizing and execution of projects. This is realized through the use of detailed 3D Modeling and comprehensive attention to detail, in securing the precise translation of Design Intent to stone.